Post-natal anxiety and CFS gone!

A client saw me for chronic fatigue syndrome (stemming from a concussion) and post-natal anxiety.  She said in her application form “I am still having ‘shut downs’ where all of a sudden I can’t handle any more stimulus or information and that is the worst when you’re a Mum! Constant brain fog.”


She recently sent me a two-year post-course update:

I am also doing so good, Mel. My husband keeps commenting that this is the best I’ve been post-natal.

The biggest thing the Switch has helped for this is that I can actually fall asleep when given the chance to nap, and in between night wakings! Whereas before, sleep deprivation and overtiredness would just not let me fall asleep.

I am able to turn stress off and have been able to deal with relationship hiccups so much better/quicker. I’ve been able to choose thoughts and emotions to Switch from negative ones and prevent any lingering ‘hormonal blues’. It’s taken hard work at times to do this but I have done it! And I am so proud of myself, a feeling I would not previously allow myself to feel.

And all of this is affecting my new baby so positively, she is so peaceful .


Thanks again for your work Mel.”

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