The Switch for life-enhancement, rather than illness recovery…

While most of our clients attend The Switch because they are really ill, there are also clients who attend just for life enhancement reasons, and they get HUGE amounts of it as well! This client wondered if maybe she wasn’t sick enough for the course, but was then so pleased that she attended. You can read her story here:

Well, The Switch is certainly well named. I feel like a switch was thrown, a curtain rose and I acquired a clarity of mind and body that I haven’t felt for years, if not decades.

Everything is easy. Nothing is a bother. Life is looking pretty damn good! An infinite universe of astounding possibilities and beauty has unfolded before me…

I’ve booked into an art class that starts in the New Year.
I’ve decided not to wear black anymore – I want to wear clothes that are happy.
My eating has settled from previously doing binging and dieting to just eating cleanly – “MY BODY IS AMAZING”. Choices are simple when I simply choose what’s best for my body.
My relationship with my husband is greatly improved, we chat and communicate and had a superb weekend away last weekend.

A few quick switches for anxiety the first two or three days back, and then BOOM! I’m heading off to work happy and I do what I do best. I no longer feel like a fraud, that I’m not good enough, or that I’m going to be ‘found out’!

Thanks Mel, and the December 2018 Switchers, I was honoured be a part of the experience and to watch as you progressed on your own journeys. Each of you inspired me to learn, to believe, and to chase my dream of being the most authentic ‘me’ that I can be.

I’m so delighted that I followed through and came to your course. I had felt that I wasn’t really ‘sick’ enough – compared to the stories about people with chronic illnesses. But the difference that The Switch has made to my daily life is immense. I feel so content.

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