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Welcome to Empower Therapies, where hope for recovery and life enhancement is within reach! If you’ve been told by medical professionals that your condition is incurable, we understand the frustration and despair you may be feeling. However, even though 75% of our clients have been told this devastating message by their doctors, over 80% of our clients are experiencing remarkable improvements in their health and quality of life.

You could be next!

We address the root cause of your illness so that your body can naturally heal, paving the way for a return to a full, healthy life. As someone who personally battled chronic fatigue syndrome for 11 years, I know firsthand the devastation of chronic illness and the joy of recovery. In the 15 years since my own recovery, I’ve become an NLP Master Practitioner – guiding thousands of people back to wellness, have been voted Best Speaker at two National GP Medical conferences in a row and have been interviewed on TV several times.  While most of our clients come to us to resolve chronic physical or mental health illnesses, others attend to gain tools for ongoing life-enhancement. Keep reading to find out how you can take the first steps towards getting the life you want…

Begin with our free 40-minute webinar, First Steps to Recovery, where you’ll uncover the five major traps of chronic illness and gain valuable insights into reclaiming your health.

From there, we offer several webinar packages for self-directed learning, providing you with information and techniques to continue your progress at your own pace. These options are also good for people who don’t have an illness but are seeking life enhancement instead.

For a more immersive experience, consider attending The Switch, our 4-day live training programme (available in person in Auckland, New Zealand or as live attendance online). You will be personally guided through your recovery by Mel Abbott and will be in a small group setting for maximum support and inspiration.

Watch this movie to hear more about how Empower Therapies can help you…

You could be next!

Watch this movie to find out how we can help you!



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