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Chronic illness recovery is my specialty!

75% of my clients have been told by their doctors that their condition is incurable and can only be “managed” for life, and yet over 80% of these people are reporting wonderful results at Empower Therapies. You could be next! If you address the root cause of your illness (often being stuck in a stress response), your body can heal naturally and you might be the next person who can resume a full healthy life.

I know how devastating it is to suffer with chronic illness and feel so helpless to do anything about it. I spent 11 years “managing” chronic fatigue syndrome while on an invalid benefit and then suddenly recovered with the right information and techniques.  In the 15 years since my recovery, I have qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner, have helped thousands of people to get their lives back too, and have been voted Best Speaker at two National GP Medical conferences in a row! The most common conditions I see are chronic fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and digestive disorders. See a full list of conditions I have helped people with.

How can you get your recovery started?

Below is a five minute intro movie about the principles and treatment options that I offer.

You can find out more information with my FREE forty minute First Steps to Recovery Webinar, providing an introduction to the five main illness traps and the role of stress. This leads on to further webinar learning packages.

You can attend The Switch – my four day programme in a small group setting, with personalised coaching. You will learn to calm your stress response, rewire neural pathways, release trapped emotions, make lifestyle changes, and address faulty beliefs.

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After 11 years of being on an invalid benefit, I  have now been fully healthy for 15 years!

You could be next!

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