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I spent 11 years trying to resolve my chronic, debilitating illness.

Suddenly, I was all better in two weeks!

I’ve now helped over 2000 people experience wonderful recoveries of their own, by attending The Switch, The Lightning Process or my two hour Intro Webinar.

The Switch is a four day course that teaches you how to calm your stress response and rewire neural pathways so that your body is able to heal naturally.

I follow up all my clients for a year and have seen that around 80-90% are recovering, even though they’ve been ill for an average of 9.66 years and many had been told that their condition is incurable.


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You could be next!

Watch this movie to find out how we can help you!



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What if your health is being affected by your stress levels, living environment, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, childhood experiences, previous traumas, the people around you, your lifestyle choices… even your personality type!


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