“Having suffered from CFS/ME for a whole decade, I well understand the completely debilitating effects of living with unrelenting exhaustion and pain, and constantly fearing that I may never recover. Thankfully, I made a full recovery in just two weeks by doing a mind-body course in 2008 and I have been healthy and energised ever since.My own recovery story can be found on the About Mel Abbott page. It is now my passion to help other people to recover. I taught The Lightning Process to over 1500 people in 8 years, with great results. Now, it is my true joy to see my clients getting such amazing results from my own programme, The Switch.


The medical profession has yet to conclude what causes CFS. They have been searching for a virus in an attempt to find a one-size-fits-all answer to this syndrome. I don’t think there is one cause of CFS. I have observed that people develop CFS from many different causes. CFS can develop after glandular fever or a bad case of flu, a physical injury, an emotional trauma such as a divorce, bereavement or abuse experience, burnout from highly successful careers, the Type A personality effect (motivated, ambitious, driven, intelligent, perfectionist) or following other medical treatments such as chemotherapy or surgery. With such a wide range of origins, it is very unlikely that one common virus could be found.

What is common to all these people

is that their experience put their body into a stress response.

It is my belief that this is the true cause of CFS.

When people experience a stress response for a significant period of time, it drains all their organs because it is so demanding on the body to be in a constant state of flight or fight. This can reach a tipping point where the body becomes too exhausted to repair itself. Helping clients to calm their body out of the stress response allows their body to heal very quickly.


CFS is my largest client group, making up about half of my client base. Around 80 – 90% of them get rid of all or most of their symptoms, resume normal exercise, work life and social life. They ranged from totally bedbound to mild fatigue, from four months to 40 years of illness and age ranges from 10 to 78 years old. Length or severity of illness does not seem to make a difference to recovery – the main factor is whether someone really wants to get well and is willing and open-minded to do the work to become well.

Are we saying that CFS is all in the mind?

Absolutely no!

CFS is a very real, physical condition but my experience has been that you cannot separate mind and body – both are having an impact. By changing mind patterns, this can allow the body to activate its own healing and can help to resolve CFS and other physical conditions. The Switch will teach you how to switch off the stress response, which will allow your body to start healing naturally. You will also learn how to recognise thinking patterns and behaviour patterns that are contributing to fatigue, plus techniques to change these. You will resolve any deeper emotional issues from the past that might also be contributing to you remaining sick. You will also learn how to make lifestyle changes to promote wellbeing.


If you don’t feel quite ready to jump into a four-day course, you might like to start with our 2 hour webinar, which gives an overview of mind-body health, the role of stress and thinking patterns, and some basic techniques to start using on yourself. This webinar is a general approach, rather than being specifically about chronic fatigue. For some people, it’s enough on its own, and for others, it is their inspiration and lead-in to doing the full Switch programme.


Or find out more about The Switch.


If these suggestions fix your CFS – FANTASTIC! If these very simple interventions are not enough for you, that’s OK. We have far more comprehensive techniques and education available at The Switch that will allow you to make bigger transformations.



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Note –I taught The Lightning Process for 8 years and saw over 1300 clients through the course with excellent results. Now, I teach The Switch instead. It has had over 200 people attend already and the results are fabulous! We do not diagnose any clients ourselves, as we are not doctors. We rely on our clients informing us about the diagnoses that mainstream professionals have given them. 

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