The Switch®

A fast and effective method to restore your health

Have you been struggling with chronic illness? 

Tried everything and nothing works? 

Been told by doctors that your condition is incurable?


75% of my clients have been told they are incurable,
and yet around 80% are reporting great improvements
(and many are reporting a full recovery 
and no longer have any symptoms at all).

Note: Data collected from survey forms and follow-ups, not an independent study.
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statistics page here

You could be NEXT!

So what are people doing to get these amazing changes?

Your body is a powerful self-healing mechanism when conditions are right. The Switch aims to educate you about all the underlying patterns that maintain chronic illness and the stress response. The Switch is a 4-day training programme based on the principles of psychology and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and the latest research into the science of wellbeing, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology and the relationship between mind and body. Each day you will learn techniques to practice a LOT to help restore balance and healthy function to your body. You can use The Switch alongside other mainstream and alternative treatments that you have found to be helpful to you.

“I now know that I have turned the corner and I’m getting well on everything! I’ve been waiting for this for decades!”


Getting your hope back!

Being chronically ill is so demoralising and it can feel impossible to ever get well. Your first step is to start finding hope again. Reading through this information, talking to people who have done The Switch and got their lives back and watching testimonial movies on this website can help you to start feeling hope again. For some people, getting their hope back already starts to shift their symptoms a little.

“I suddenly got it. Everything you teach is about empowering us to have control over our thoughts, our emotions, our bodies, our health, our boundaries, our lifestyle choices…. It’s like we can be the masters of our own destiny now! It is so empowering!”



Or find out more about The Switch.


·        Learn that your body is amazing and regain your trust in its ability to heal

·        Learn how stress causes and maintains chronic illness, and more techniques to calm yourself out of stress to restore natural balance in the body

·        Recognise emotion season cycles that can reinforce illness, and what you can do to change them

·        Identify thoughts that have become habitual and are maintaining negative neural wiring in your brain that reinforces stress and illness

·        Learn “The Quick Switch” to change all these patterns using a series of steps, movements, visualisation, coaching and language patterns (Note, there are ways to adapt the Quick Switch for wheelchair users and for use in public places)

·        Practice The Quick Switch a LOT! It takes repetition to rewire neural networks but each time you use The Switch, you will feel little shifts


“I knew I’ve been stressed for years and I knew I needed to stop it, but I didn’t know how.  Suddenly, it all made sense.  It’s so easy now with The Quick Switch. I haven’t felt this calm in years!  I love it! And it feels so easy!”


·        What is emotion? What is consciousness? How is it held in the body? See the latest scientific research to answer these big questions

·        Learn how to access your body memory to find your original trauma event

·        Use The Deep Switch to process and clear this trauma without needing to share heavy details with the group


“WOW! The Deep Switch is next level AMAZING! It’s like therapy on steroids! I did 3 years of talking therapy but one Deep Switch for 10 minutes has brought about far more resolution for me than all that talking put together! Thank you so much! Day 2 of The Switch is what has moved mountains for me! I don’t think I could have got well without this vital piece to my recovery puzzle.”


  • ·        Have a day to integrate the learnings and do more Quick and Deep Switches yourself

    ·        Do a 1-1 session with Mel Abbott if you need further help processing deep trauma

    ·        Learn the 12 key components to wellbeing (as identified by science of wellbeing correlation research)

    ·        Make changes to your own lifestyle to bring about more wellbeing

“Day 3 was the most powerful day for me. Different days resonate with different people, but for me I realised that all my health issues were linked to my work situation, and now I can see what I need to do to resolve this and to allow my health to come right”



·        Hear fascinating studies about how beliefs have a bigger impact than reality

·        Identify illness beliefs and core beliefs that are holding you back

·        Learn muscle testing techniques to check faulty beliefs

·        Use The Quick Switch and The Deep Switch to clear faulty beliefs

·        Find out your Core State and check that your goals are in alignment with being the real you

·        Plan your steps for returning home and moving forward

·        Learn to deal with people’s reactions post-course



“Discovering my Core State at The Switch has made my whole life make sense!  Now I can see that I have a way out and all the doors are open. By being free, that’s the greatest source of self-love for me. I can live true to being my own source of freedom!”

The Switch

Full Course
$ 1750 inc GST
  • 30 page pre-course workbook - Ready for Recovery
  • Pre-course preparation phone call
  • 18 hours of personalised training in a small group setting
  • Three group follow-up calls over six months
  • One individual half hour follow-up
  • Four hours of pre-recorded learning support movies
  • Email support chain for one year
  • 45 page full colour course manual plus other course materials
The Switch


Mel Abbott is not a medically trained doctor. She is trained in psychology and neuro-linguistic programming. She uses mind-body interventions to help calm the stress response and allow natural healing to occur in the body. This can be used alongside mainstream treatments if you choose.  She does not offer diagnoses or medication advice. She recommends that clients return to their doctors after her treatment to confirm that they no longer have their condition and to be advised about safe weaning from their medication. 
Mel does careful assessments prior to the programme and only offers places to people whom she thinks would benefit from it. She follows up with all her clients at several junctions after their course and collates the data from their feedback forms to produce the statistics on this website. She is therefore confident that her interventions are helping over 80% of her clients to achieve significant improvements to their health. While many clients report that they have made a full recovery, Mel cannot guarantee this outcome. So far there are no independent research studies or peer reviewed journal articles about The Switch. 




Teenagers have participated in ‘The Switch’ and absolutely loved it! It has a lot of games and fully-illustrated slides with cartoon characters, which really appeal to the younger audience.

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The Lightning Process?

No, The Switch is a completely separate programme. They share a small amount of overlap on Day 1 when talking about the principle of how stress affects health (based on the original work of Hans Selye in the 1930s) and illness thinking patterns. After this, the courses go in very

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Live vs online learning?

Attending online gets just as good results, and saves a lot of time and money in travel costs, so this is a good option to consider if you are not from Auckland. You will still see all the same slides, do all the same group activities, and have all the

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All in the mind?

No, your illness is not all in your mind. It’s real. It’s physical. But mind and body cannot be separated, and when you influence one, you influence the other. I don’t see any illness as being just physical or just emotional.  For instance, anxiety may be seen as a mental

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How does The Switch work?

The Switch works on many levels

Firstly, it helps you to switch off your stress response so that your body can start healing naturally. Here is a movie from one of my conference presentations about how chronic stress affects your health and why it is so important to learn where the ‘off switch’ is.

Secondly, The Switch helps you to resolve deeper emotional issues that may have caused your illness in the first place. Clearing these deeper emotions allows for a much bigger and longer-lasting healing effect. I have developed a method (The Deep Switch) for people to identify what these deeper emotions are, what caused them, and to release them thoroughly without having to re-experience the trauma or share big secrets with the group.

Here is an excerpt from a fantastic film called “What the Bleep Do We Know?” which explains scientifically what emotions are and how our brain wiring becomes affected by bad experiences.

Thirdly, The Switch has a broad reaching effect by examining many different areas of your life and helping you to make lifestyle changes to enhance your wellbeing. This is all based on the latest research into the science of wellbeing which has shown key areas that people need to address in order to have truly sustainable good health.

How do I apply for The Switch?


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