No, The Switch is a completely separate programme. They share a small amount of overlap on Day 1 when talking about the principle of how stress affects health (based on the original work of Hans Selye in the 1930s) and illness thinking patterns. After this, the courses go in very different directions. There is no overlap at all on Day 2 or Day 3, since The Switch reaches out into clearing past trauma and assessing lifestyle factors, whereas the LP stays focussed on the present situation. Day 4 shares a small amount of overlap when talking about illness beliefs, but then goes in a different direction when accessing core beliefs and using muscle testing to elicit them. The LP is a more traditional bullet points on slides course, whereas The Switch is a fully illustrated course with three characters that have their own story lines to demonstrate key points. Overall, there would not be more than 25% common ground between these courses, so could not be seen to be the same.

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