I see people for the full range of issues, all the way from anorexia to obesity. Weight and food issues are very rarely about food – they have strong emotional patterns that are driving the behaviour. Fixing these patterns can make healthy eating and a healthy weight far easier to achieve. So far, the record holder lost 38kg from attending Empower Therapies.


This is a broad question when we’re dealing with wide reaching manifestations of food problems. For people who overeat, I usually see patterns of comfort eating, stress eating, loneliness eating, eating to try to fill the numbness inside, or eating to block out the painful past. Bulimia patterns are more characterized by self-loathing that leads to oscillating between compulsion and punishment. Anorexia seems have strong links to trying to feel in control, perfectionism, pressure to be excellent, rebelling against domineering parents, or hiding a trauma.


You can attend a four day course called The Switch, which teaches you techniques to undo the faulty thinking patterns and beliefs that are contributing to your problem, as well as identify what the underlying emotional causes are and resolve those too. When internal conflict is resolved, eating the right amount of food can become natural and comfortable. Weight loss (or weight gain, in the case of anorexics) naturally follows without the need for will-power.


Or find out more about The Switch.


1.     Get your hope back about recovery being possible by watching some of the movies on this website. Just knowing that there is an answer can help people to relax and calm their stress response and start getting improvements.

2.     Start actively reducing your stress response by doing things like meditation, breathing exercises, and activities that you find particularly relaxing.

3.     Every time you catch yourself thinking about eating problem or your body, immediately make yourself think about something else instead. If you re-route your brain often enough, you can start creating changes to those faulty neural pathways.

4.     For over-eaters, notice the various reasons (other than hunger) that you eat for and be creative in finding solutions to those emotions that work far better than eating (because you already know that eating never fixes depression, stresss, loneliness, anger…)

5.     For under-eaters, remind yourself that, while you have tried to have control by blocking eating, the actual reality is that the behaviour now has control over you. Remind yourself about why you love your body and why it deserves for you to love it and feed it. Choose to see feeding your body as a way of gaining control over your life, instead of losing it.


If these very simple interventions fix your food and weight issues – FANTASTIC!


If they are not enough for you, that’s OK. We have a lot of far more comprehensive techniques and education available at The Switch that will allow you to make bigger transformations.


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Disclaimer: We are not medically trained and therefore did not diagnose these clients ourselves. We rely on client information about their diagnosis from their health professionals and we recommend clients to return to their doctors after our treatment to confirm that they no longer have their condition and to be advised about safe weaning from their medication. We cannot guarantee results, as every individual is different. Eating disorders are a relatively small client group, so clear statistical outcomes are hard to measure, however, we have seen some excellent results, and have followed them up for a year to confirm that they are maintaining their positive changes. 

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