Digestive disorders are the fifth most common issues that my clients come to me for (behind fatigue, pain, anxiety and depression). However, most people suffering from these conditions also experience digestive disorders, so it means that every course I run has people who are dealing with IBS, food intolerances or other digestive conditions. I have seen huge numbers of clients resolve these conditions.


The number one cause is STRESS!

If you are in an acute stress phase (for example, there is a tiger about to attack you!), your body chooses to empty your bowel, bladder and stomach really fast so that you will be able to run faster to get away from the tiger.  This is why people often have diarrhoea before an exam, or some similarly stressful situation.

If you have a chronic low grade stress response happening in your body, your body is permanently diverting energy away from your digestive system so that it has more energy available for heart, lungs and limbs, in case you need to run away from that tiger. Ongoing depletion of your digestive system leads to many digestive problems such as nausea, indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea and food intolerances.

Sometimes, people are still reacting to a previous emotional trauma and this can also affect digestion.


The Switch is a ideal course for resolving a wide range of digestive problems.

Across four days (in a small group of eight people), you will learn about the role of stress in digestive disorders, how your own thinking patterns and beliefs are exacerbating that stress, and techniques to switch off the stress to allow your body to heal naturally.

You will also have the opportunity to identify underlying emotional causes to your bowel problems and release those also. Once the emotions have cleared, digestion usually calms down quite quickly.

Around 80-90% of digestive disorder clients report great improvements to digestion and an ability to eat a wider range of foods again.


Or find out more about The Switch.


  1. Get your hope back about recovery being possible by watching some of the movies on this website. Just knowing that there is an answer can help people to relax and calm their stress response and start getting improvements.
  2. Start actively reducing your stress response by doing things like meditation, breathing exercises, and activities that you find particularly relaxing.
  3. Digestive problems are reinforced by people predicting problems and worrying about what might happen (eg, “If I eat this, I’ll get a reaction”, or constantly searching for where the nearest public toilets might be). Consciously shift your attention away from worrying about your gut as often as you can, to help take away the “learnt response” part of the problem.
  4. When you are doing the most symptoms, notice what you are worried about at the time and try to find solutions to those worries. When you calm down your worries, your gut is able to calm down too.


If these suggestions fix your digestive issues – FANTASTIC!

If they are not enough for you, that’s OK. We have a lot of far more comprehensive techniques and education available at The Switch that will allow you to make bigger transformations.


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Disclaimer: We are not medically trained and therefore did not diagnose these clients ourselves. We rely on client information about their diagnosis from their health professionals and we recommend clients to return to their doctors after our treatment to confirm that they no longer have their condition and to be advised about safe weaning from their medication. We cannot guarantee results, as every individual is different, however, we have seen excellent results for most of our digestive disorder clients, and have followed them up for a year to confirm that they are maintaining their positive changes.

Note – I taught The Lightning Process for 8 years to over 1200 clients with excellent results. Now I teach The Switch instead, and have been really excited by the results that they are achieving.

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