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The intro webinar covers:

  1. My own and others’ recovery stories to get you inspired and hopeful
  2. Activities to focus you forwards onto your own recovery
  3. The role of the stress response in chronic illness
  4. Techniques to calm your stress response and anxiety, so that your body can recover
  5. How to rewire your neural patterns away from chronic illness patterns
  6. The neurology of chronic pain and how to start changing it
  7. Simple interventions to reduce anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem
  8. How to generate more energy
  9. How to curb emotional eating patterns
  10. How emotions get trapped in the body and cause illness
  11. An action plan for moving forwards into your own recovery

You will receive:

  1. 2 hours of fast paced information and techniques
  2. Handout of course information
  3. Weekly support emails for a month with more techniques to aid your recovery
  4. Guided audio track for a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) process for recovery

Outcomes achieved by previous attendees

As you can see from these, there is a significant improvement to emotional and physical health of most participants following the two hour intro seminars, which is pretty exciting, given what a short intervention it is. The graphs also show that there is a bigger improvement in both emotional and physical health following the full Switch course, which makes sense, given that it is 20 hours of training instead of two hours, and you will receive far more personalised coaching and support from me. If the intro webinar is not the full solution for you, don’t be discouraged – be inspired to come and participate in the full Switch course.



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Disclaimer : We are not medically trained and therefore did not diagnose these clients ourselves. We rely on client information about their diagnosis from their health professionals and we recommend clients to return to their doctors after our treatment to confirm that they no longer have their condition and to be advised about safe weaning from their medication. We cannot guarantee results, as every individual is different, however, we have seen excellent results for the vast majority of our clients, and have followed them up for a year to confirm that they are maintaining their positive changes.

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