Another happy Switch client…

Here is a fantastic update, just one month after the course!

I have had wayyy less symptoms, I’m not tired anymore, I’m hardly ever anxious anymore, and most the time I don’t have brain fog!

For almost a year I didn’t go for a walk around my street as in the past this had resulted in having panic attacks and doing lots of brain fog. Now I’m going for runs/ taking my dog for a walk around the street at 5 pm traffic!! I think this goes to show I’m not anxious now – haha.

Many little things keep happening which really prove to me just how well I now am. For example 1 month ago it was difficult for me to write straight, I would do all school writing on the computer because of this. Now I am doing detailed painting without even needing to use the process!

I have been going for a 20 minute run every second day (I would go more but I’m still building up my fitness), gone surfing a lot, having full days shopping with friends, painting + sooo much more.

Some days I haven’t even needed to use the Switch!! I think at the rate I’m going I’ll be 100 % very very soon. At the moment I’d say I’m 90% there.

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