Intro Webinar fixes fatigue, anxiety, cravings and period pain!

This client attended the two hour Intro Webinar and emailed us a few days later about her fabulous improvements!

I attended the webinar yesterday and have been putting into practice the techniques I learned all day today. It’s been awesome and at times so easy I’m wondering if I’m doing it correctly.

I’ve caught myself feeling really tired and snapped out of it and I managed to calm myself at work when things that would normally make me really annoyed/stressed out happened. I’ve not had massive cravings to overeat/eat a bunch of sugar yet and this is super random but I’m on my period and I usually have reaaaaally bad cramps at this time but it’s been somewhat of a breeze this time around. I even had my bottle of painkillers beside my bed last night ready for when I get my nighttime cramps and woke up and didn’t even need them.

I’m writing in my journal right now the things I’m grateful for and what I worked on today.


Thanks so much! I can’t wait to continue my journey!

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