“You are the epitome of health!”

Sam has had chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety since 2010, which has led to him having to drop out of his studies.

As you’ll see from his recent email to me, a lot has changed in the five weeks since he attended The Switch…

Hi Mel,

Reporting back to you is a lovely reminder of the skills we learned a month ago and how far those skills have, on reflection, carried me.
Three positives

1. I have not had any symptoms in the past five weeks!

2. I have been working towards my ambition of remaining relaxed in situations that may be perceived as ‘stressful’. The night before my exam last week, I Switched and fell asleep within 20 minutes, waking feeling refreshed and relaxed. The morning of the exam, I studied well before eating a good lunch and easing my way into the exam itself. This represents a milestone for me, realising a vision of the person I wanted to be a few months ago. I feel this is a result of the Deep Switch and Quick Switching more times than I can remember!

3. A family friend messaged me last week to say, “despite your health set back last year, you are the epitome of health and happiness”. It’s a boost when others notice the changes that I’ve been working on!

(Note: Name changed at client’s request)
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