Long-COVID – from wheelchair to walking mountains!

Helena contracted Covid in the UK and was admitted to hospital many times, unable to breathe and with doctors saying her lungs looked like she had been a heavy smoker for 50 years. She then developed long-COVID and was so ill for 8 months that she couldn’t go out without a wheelchair, couldn’t think clearly enough to tie her own shoelaces and had to return to NZ to live with her parents.

She had a remarkable recovery by attending The Switch. Here is a movie of her initial few weeks of recovery.  Three months later:

“It feels like a Christmas miracle that I am now free from the constraints of long-COVID and I have The Switch to thank for this. There is nothing better than the gift of health and I hope to inspire others to do the course so that they too can share in this amazing feeling. No looking back from here, come join me as we make 2022 the best year ever!! In the Christmas holidays, I did a South Island tramp that involved 5 hours a day up and down hill!  Oh, and I’m working full time again too!”
One year later, Helena lives in Canada and is working full-time and loving life!
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