Youngest client paralysed with anxiety

Abi was only 8 years old, thus making her my youngest client so far. She was having bad stomach pains and was sometimes unable to move her legs at all, due to anxiety – mainly about peer situations at school. Here are her comments just a week after the course:

“At school I wanted to play soccer but none of my friends wanted to play with boys so I made a game up that boys and girls would like. And after 3 days, 50 million kids were playing the game! Boys and girls started to play with each other and people were getting to know each other. This was a big achievement for me because I had to go and talk to a boy to give him my ideas and then get all the girls onside to play too. I would have been too afraid to do this before. I’m feeling a lot better about school all round. I know that if friends say mean things to me it’s not true and I can just let it go. This weekend we went to Queenstown and I got a new school bag, lunchbox, drink bottle and pencil case because I’m a totally different person now.

I’m happy and I’m happy people can see it!

I’m also feeling a lot more energetic and I’m getting to sleep a lot easier and have even slept in the odd time! That’s new for me. I’m also talking a lot more about my day, the good first and the not so good if I need to talk it through with Mum. I’m also waiting to hear back if I’ve got into some new classes for singing and hip hop. I’m playing school netball and I’m having fun!”

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