Intro Webinar resolves mysterious pain

A teenage girl has been experiencing “crippling rib pain”. She has had lots of scans and tests and doctors could find no cause. She attended the 2 hour Intro Webinar recently, and has achieved amazing results very quickly!

I wanted to let you know how my step-daughter did in the Intro Webinar.

While she found it a little hard to sit through, being a kid, she loved the video and story at start, and the pictures.
She really engaged with the concepts (I have also been talking to her about these since I attended The Switch).
As to outcomes – well, after our 10 minute break, we had been back at the computer for 3 minutes and she asked me to pause it, and said:

“I’m not doing rib pain!!! It stopped somewhere during the first half!!!”

She then jumped up, did a whole lot of  backbends and bridges, and jumped up and down on the bed for ages, and then did the splits.
Prior to that she had been struggling to walk up the stairs, and had such bad intermittent rib pains she had stopped moving much. And had not done splits for months.
After we finished she went outside in her roller skates and sat down, closed her eyes and imagined doing some tricks she has not been able to master. Then she got up and did them straight off. On both feet. She was overjoyed.
It is now day 4 since the webinar, and she has not done any rib pain.
She is using big STOPS for tired, and little ones for worry or bad thoughts. We worked out how she can do the little ones quietly in class. She is using 3-2-1 for upset or worry, and has taught her friends at school – they all love it.

We are talking about the course a lot, and doing a lot of joy and happiness and being proud of her. Its really clear how much hope it has given her.
On Monday she said she thought she still needed to do the 4 day course, as she still had some tics. However I have noticed almost NO tics over this week (from very very noticeable). So we will see how that goes.

Mel, we are still thinking we are likely to get her into the course next year, as we think it will help a lot with many issues, but on behalf of her Mum, her Dad, her grandparents and me, thank-you SO much for providing something which has given our little girl hope, made her feel in control and strong, and meant she can really start to take control of her own wellness over Summer!
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