“You showed me how to turn my stress off”

Brendan has had adrenal fatigue since 2008, which became so bad that he has not been able to work at all for two years and said that even walking to his letterbox had become a huge struggle. Here is his report from two weeks after completing The Switch.

Things are going really well. I have had a lot more energy. I have been heaps more active with my children, taking them to parks and playgrounds. It has had a very positive effect on them. I am able to walk 2+ km at a time now when I get the chance. I have been cooking a lot of the night meals, doing dishes and keeping things clean which is very different to how I was before the course.

Last weekend we had a garage sale and I was able to help with that, get lunch for everybody then do some work after that. It’s the most active I’ve been in a day for over 4 years.

Doing The Switch has become second nature, however in the past week I am needing it less and less. I am still using it a bit for stress.

Our new business is really taking off. I believe it wouldn’t have grown as fast or well as it has without The Switch. I am able to have meetings with CEOs of major corporations without being nervous. I have more energy. I try not to but I have worked over 14 hours a day on a couple of occasions in the last month. I use The Switch for stress and am able to work more efficiently.

People now see a positive, confident, energetic person in front of them. So different to how I was.

Finally I went to the GP a couple of weeks ago and after talking to me about how I was going, agreed that I could come off the hydrocortisone and testosterone I was taking. It will probably be 2 – 3 months. I have been on them for about 2 1/2 years. But the best news is, he is happy for me to come off the antidepressants after I have finished with the other two. I have been on them for nearly 20 years. I am really looking forward to being free of them. It looks like I’ll be medication free sometime in early 2019.

Everyone always said all I had to do was stress less and I would be fine. No one could tell me how when I asked them to show me.
I’m glad I finally found someone who could.
Thanks Brendan
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