Free from severe anxiety and vomiting phobia

Brianna wrote on her application form:
I feel like I have been living the last 10 years coping from day to day instead of living in the moment and enjoying these years. At times it has been great but it definitely has stopped me from doing things like going out with friends, driving, basically being independent. I felt like I couldn’t leave my home, I struggle going places, I had to check all expiring dates before eating anything (due to my vomiting phobia), I was relying on my parents 24/7.

Brianna was loaded up on tranquilisers to be able to even get to The Switch, because she doesn’t normally leave her home. Even so, when she arrived on the doorstep, both her and her mum were crying because she was so anxious.  Here is her fantastic story…

Day 2 of The Switch
I left The Switch a completely different person! I Felt amazing!
I was excited to go to Spotlight – I didn’t even think about all the traffic and Auckland and people. I Went into the shop and felt really good! I did a couple of quick calming techniques to stop the scanning for anxious
Got home – really excited to see my dog and take him for a walk without needing my parents to go with me.
I sat in a paddock for a while thinking about life.
I slept all through the night
I felt really relaxed about coming to Auckland and the traffic – I didn’t take a lorazepam on the way here and feel really good

One week after The Switch
I’ve been feeling really good!
I walked into the 21st party on my own without needing a hand hold. I did a couple of Switches that night cos I found it difficult.
I had a lot of comments from friends and family that I have a different aura – upbeat and happy.
I drove down the road by myself, and filled the petrol by myself (first time ever), then went shopping by myself.
I went to Auckland yesterday and wasn’t worried. I even went in a mall – I used to freak out and need water bottle and tablets
I ate too much xmas food and then started a panic attack – I did Switch out loud and turned it off. My boyfriend was really impressed that I calmed myself down without help.
I’m a lot more confident to go up to people and make conversation
I met up with a friend who had vomited earlier that day, and I didn’t freak out at all – so huge for me to not be fearing vomiting anymore.
I can eat anything now and not worry so much about germs and bugs – so good to be free of my phobia.
It feels very good!

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