The 100th Switch client!

I always follow the stories of each of our 100th milestone clients at The Switch.

Sarah now shares her story about resolving back pain.

I came to Mel and The Switch for help with my chronic low back pain and autoimmune thyroid disorder – I had had both for about 20 years. My back pain had worsened over the years until I had back surgery in late 2016 for a herniated lumbar disc. I hoped that the surgery would finally rid me of my chronic pain, but following surgery, daily pain slowly crept back into my life: I was waking up hobbling around like an old woman until I could get my body warmed up, and I had pulled back from some of the exercise and physical activities that I had always loved to do. Prior to coming across Empower Therapies, I believed my back pain and thyroid condition were health issues that I needed to ‘manage’, but doing The Switch has helped me recognise the underlying habits and beliefs that prevented me from getting well.

Mel and Sarah – 100th client

Even committing to the Switch course helped me get dramatic results – in the 5 weeks leading up to the course, I had less and less pain everyday. After the first day on the course, I was able to do yoga first thing in the morning – something that I had stopped doing because of how immobile and in pain I had been in the mornings. Probably the most notable shift for me following the course is that I continue to feel really great when I wake up in the mornings. I’m doing more exercise first thing and feel like my body is capable of the bending, folding motions that have felt restricted in the past when I first got out of bed. Sometimes this exercise is accompanied by some Quick Switches, sometimes there’s no need to – either way, I know I’ve got this amazing tool when I need it. There have been occasional days where I need to keep reminding myself to keep Darcy off the couch, but it’s pretty exciting when, on a different day, I hardly need to do it at all and don’t realise that until the end of the day – it’s that normality of my day, rather than thinking about old patterns, that tells me I’m getting better everyday.

I’m also starting to become more aware of the emotional triggers of my old habits, so when I notice them, I do a Deep Switch to clear these emotions. Some of these Deep Switches have been incredibly powerful experiences and I feel like I’m letting go of things I didn’t even realise I was carrying. I continue to work on some of my core beliefs that I believe have held me back in the past, and it’s giving me confidence to push for change and growth in a way that I had previously assumed wasn’t possible – I’m excited about what I can bring into my life with this positive growth! Thanks, Mel!

[3 months later]
I’m doing great, so don’t think I need a follow-up call, thanks 🙂
I rarely do back pain at all anymore – I wake up in the mornings and jump out of bed without a care in the world, I load heavy wood baskets and carry them up the stairs to the fireplace and even look forward to how I good I feel while doing it, which is incredible because for a very long time I hesitated about doing heavy lifting because because of how it hurt my low back. All gone!!

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