Psoriatic arthritis on the way out

In 2016, Garet spent 5 days in hospital in bad pain and unable to walk. He doesn’t know why it began, but he was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and has controlled it with medication since. Even with the meds, he said “it has made it hard for me to work, play with my 3.5 year old daughter, socialize, and be happy like i used to be”.

Two week update
Things have been a lot better since the day I got home. It’s like I’m a new person and nearly back to my old self. I have had a lot of positive comments from family and close friends that have noticed a difference.
I’m still doing quite a lot of Switches each day, which are normally pretty quick and easy, then I’m good to carry on doing what I need to.
I have definitely noticed life is a lot easier since the course and less complicated.

One thing that has been really big for me is I have nearly stopped all pain killers which after nearly 3 years of them has been pretty hard but going from taking 24-30 pills a day down to 1 sometimes 2 a day is awesome ? and can see I won’t be needing them soon.

One month follow-up
I am feeling really good at the moment.
I have been off pain killers since 6th of April. It feels so much better and I can think a lot clearer so life is really looking up. I have had a few days lately where I have really had to work on it but doing what you have showed me has really got me through theses days and also my wife reminding me what to do when things get bad

Six week follow-up
Since the last email I have been off all pain killers so that is over 3 weeks which has been so good I now get to play with my daughter a lot and do lots more family stuff which was a big goal of mine before the course
I race a rally car in the weekends and since the course I have been achieving my best results and doing it a lot easier with a clear mind from what I learnt at the course. I left the course on Thursday flew home and raced on the Saturday and got 2nd overall which is my best result.

Being a 30 year old farmer it is expected that I can do a lot of physical jobs and having PA has made this so hard and was really starting to effect me mentally. Since the course it is so much easier and I can get a lot more done but I still have to take the time to do some Switches to get through the day. Before the course I was struggling physically and mentally every day and ending up in hospital from time to time was not fun.

I’m feeling so much better now knowing that I can control a lot of my old problems and this would have not been possible without doing the Switch course with Mel!

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