Scholarship helps to clear fatigue, pain and anxiety

This client attended The Switch on a scholarship, and shares her story about how much it has helped her!

I discovered The Switch many months before I actually attended it.
I was very anxious about it all. Being away from home, having to sit for a duration of the day with pain, would it work, what if I failed!

The main things I attended for were chronic pain, and anxiety and panic.

The minute Mel opened the door on my first day I breathed a sigh of relief and relaxation.
Her openness and realness eased any anxiety I was feeling, which was a lot!
Meeting the other group members made me feel like I wasn’t alone and I felt supported and held in the small group environment.
Mel’s delivery and the course content really hit home and made so much sense to me. Things started changing for me after that first day. I slept through the night. Took myself for a very long bush walk. Trusted my body could sit comfortably for the entire course and it did!

The Switch gave me the confidence, courage, and clarity that I was seeking and unable to find elsewhere. And believe me I had done a lot of hunting!

It’s given me a foundation in which to build on and the encouragement that I can and am able to heal myself.
If every GP could give their patients who were stuck with any aspect of their health a “golden ticket” to attend The Switch our world would be a much happier place!
Not only for the people attending the course but for everyone else in their lives also.
I’m so grateful for all that I have learnt, the fellow course members, and Mel herself for creating and offering this gift of freedom to others.
Thank you Mel xx
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