Sex is great again!

This client has had vaginismus which results in pain during sex, tight vaginal muscles, minimal lubrication, and a big reduction in libido.  She wrote on her application form that she had a “deep longing” to be able to enjoy sexual connection with her partner.

I’m now having spontaneous, comfortable and fabulous sex with no Switches needed! Just knowing that I can do a Switch if I need to seems to be reassurance enough for my body if I do ever feel in my head about it (which is honestly so rare now). I have also gone off the extra medication I was taking (on top of my normal contraceptive) that was suppressing my period, as I had a history of very very bad depression whenever I was menstruating. While doing a Switch I had a lightbulb moment that this response to my period was a reflection of my negative relationship with my vagina and my womanhood, so I did some Switches around that and immediately stopped taking the medication. When my period returned it was a breeze! No PMS or depression at all 🙂
And my final story of progress is I was able to go away on a big new years party holiday with my partner and his friends (who I didn’t know very well) and felt totally calm and confident, no anxiety and lots of energy to stay up till 4am every night sans overconsumption of alcohol so no hangovers! Loved it and I know I wouldn’t have even said yes to going if it wasn’t for the Switch 🙂
As you can tell I’ve had such amazing progress since we finished the course, I couldn’t be happier. I hope everyone else is doing amazing (I know they will be) and hopefully I will be able to read about it on your fb page 🙂
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