Bye bye pain!

This poor client had been off work for several years due to chronic pain. Her pain levels were so bad that she couldn’t shower or dress herself, couldn’t drive, used to be shaking with pain if she went out to see her friends for an hour, couldn’t sit for more than an hour… and two pain specialists from the pain team said she’d never get rid of the pain.

She was bouncing on a trampoline on her Integration Day!!! [Between Day 2 and 3]. She has sat for over 6 hours each day of the course – something that she could not possible have done before the course. She drove 40 mins each way to and from the course each day. She can stand with even weight on her legs. She can shower and dress. She said that her ankle pain is already completely gone and her hip pain is radically reduced. That was all by her fourth day into this journey.

Here is her update a few weeks later:

I have had the best day & a bit (Friday Saturday morning). Last weekend I was unable to stand to put clothes away in my wardrobe or get clothes out to pack for Samoa. I had to take 100mg Tramadol & that still really didn’t help, especially with fatigue.

I am doing really well at ‘Switching’ off lower back pain, hip pain, & ankle pain. I have been doing several Deep Switches as well as Quick ones. With all my excitement I am also doing Switches for calm ;0)

So all that above makes it so wonderful! I stood & walked around the airport for over 1.5 hours without sitting at all & oh the joy of doing no pain symptoms. Plus my speed & freedom I experience walking is markedly improved yay yay yay. I no longer feel like an old lady in a young body. Added thrill of saying no wheelchair needed that was booked for the airport!

I know you understand this thrill!
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