From wheelchair to full life with The Switch! 400th client!

Tom had such severe CFS (chronic fatigue) that he was housebound for 6 years and wheelchair bound for 2 years and had a daily fear that he will die of cancer.  At The Switch, he was able to resolve his early childhood severe trauma (which he hadn’t realised was causing so many problems for him) and all his symptoms vanished very quickly! He shares his great recovery here… and he was also our 400th client, so a milestone client to follow up on!

Two weeks after The Switch

I have been so busy which is part of a new life for me. Yay!

My life has changed direction completely and I guess the biggest change for me has been the authority I now have in myself over my mind and body. I can now instantly see where I need a switch and I can see almost instantaneous results. I have turned off doing symptoms and am much happier for it. I have Switched off pain – AMAZING!

I have just about achieved half of my focus board and moving house was so easy I did it all by myself, lifting, carrying, long hours etc. I just kept on going. I sleep so soundly now that I only wake briefly and not on a daily basis. My body feels so much stronger and I am sure I have moved a lot of stuck emotions. My switches are now few and far between and are rarely drawn out, instead I enjoy quick, short and easy switching now that I have found I no longer need to ‘step it out’. This has greatly increased my ability to switch anywhere I find myself. I am now in control of my mind which has meant I am much more relaxed in my body. I am more aware of healthy thinking and make sure I am always scanning for positives. I am seeing better results when I am consuming dairy and it no longer leads me to doing symptoms. I am in the process of finding a job for the first time in years and I am able to balance energy and lifestyle in a way that is enjoyable and comfortable.

Finally, I have a lot less adrenaline pumping around my body so I am more at peace.


Three months after The Switch

After years of 9 hour sleeps, am up at the crack of dawn and then going all day

Not even tired at bedtime

Life changing!

Sleeping a lot better – used to do a lot of adrenaline in the night

Do a Switch every night before bed and its completely changed that

Much calmer

Heart rate a lot steadier

CFS is totally gone!

Got off the benefit

95% of cancer fear is gone

 I would like to mention that the ease of recovery came from not thinking about the process of the switch; “just walk through it, then it’s done” mentality meant I never questioned it, I just knew my body would take care of it. Lastly, I would say that I do find on many occasions that there is a lag time between doing a switch and the desired outcome taking effect, so don’t give up if you don’t see the results the moment your switch finishes. On a personal note however, (I’m sure it is different for everyone) the lag time for me can be around 20-30 mins with a Quick Switch but the lag time for a Deep Switch is almost non existent. I don’t know if there is any science behind this but I am only sharing my experience.
Thanks again for helping me find my freedom. I enclose a photo of me sailing a yacht on a beautiful summer’s day.
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