Mind-blowing intro seminar

I received this email from a lady who attended one of my 2 hour intro seminars and I was really excited for her! She gave me permission to share her story to inspire others.

Thank you for the workshop…it was definitely mind blowing!

As I left to walk home, I started up an internal dialogue with my amygdala. I have also been focusing on balanced breathing and gratitude (I’m Christian, and I’m giving thanks to God for the things I observe in my day to day life.
I’m also utilising the 3-2-1 technique when I’m travelling or awake in bed, and consciously STOP myself when I notice body scanning.
The very next day at work, I was able to observe my knees were not painful when I got up to go to the toilet and I was walking more freely. I have had minimal painkillers over the week as well.

I look forward to further improvements in my amazing body.
Thank you!

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