I feel better than I ever have!

For 16 years, Jess had suffered from CFS/ME, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, bad memory, unrelenting fatigue, depression, muscle pain, back pain, light & noise sensitivity, temperature issues and PEM. Now it’s all over!

“I am loving life! I feel better than I ever have and I love that I am not trying to conserve my energy anymore, because I have heaps of it!! I’m going to the gym before work and it feels great. I do activities and things in the morning, and the afternoon, and the evening! So much more time for fun stuff in my day now and so much more fun for the kids too. My happiness and energy is rubbing off on people around me as well.

I’m no longer taking any medication or supplements woohoo! I am eating healthy because I want to and it feels good. I’m singing all the time! I also have higher self esteem which is nice and not something I was aware that I needed to work on.

Thanks Mel for a life-changing and enhancing course! I want to tell the whole world! I am finally the person I was meant to be!

I didn’t know why I couldn’t be that person I knew I should be for a really long time. It’s been a roller coaster journey finding out about CFS with everything starting to make sense. And then to beat it and finally feel good being me and being able to do everything that makes me myself is such a high! I wish everyone could feel so fabulous! Every time I think about it I cry tears of joy. No one can appreciate being so well and happy more than someone that has been chronically ill.”

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