10 year anniversary of recovery!

Hayley emailed me recently, delighted to be celebrating her 10 year anniversary of wellness and thanking me profusely for my help.  She said I could share her story as an example of how long-lasting the changes really are from attending Empower Therapies.

She initially came to me for “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, migraines that can last for days, scary heart pulpitations, brain fog, no energy, aching legs and arms. unable to work, unable to plan a day, extreme exhaustion with limited exertion, slurred speech and uncoordinated.”

She said “At 15 I was unable to attend school due to exhaustion, I remember mostly crawling on the floor and lots of tears. I lost a lot of friends, struggled through University after a couple of gaps years.  Now frustrated I cannot work as exhaustion sets in.  I cannot be independent because of no health,  no job, no money.”


Here is her 10 year update!

Kia ora Mel

I am writing to share my gratitude and my success with you. I still very much value the positive change to my life that was possible with you and Empower Therapies. Always going to remember 13 May 2013.

Its just amazing how far I have come, now I have a normal life, a full time job. I am living independently with my partner. I have health and the ability to not only use walking as a reasonable form of transport but to also have the ability to exercise. These are all things that never seemed like they could ever be possible during my 14 years before coming to you.

Can’t thank you enough!

Also congratulations on your 15 year anniversary of recovery!

Many many thanks



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