Sorting headaches, back pain and social anxiety with The Switch

Stephanie had a significant head injury several decades ago and has had headaches ever since. She also experiences huge stress in social situations and some chronic back pain that has not responded to physio, chiropractic care, cortisone injections or acupuncture. Here is her story:

All in all the switch is giving me positive thinking and trust that all is well.

My biggest win so far is that I feel extremely clear headed. I’m finding that my focus and concentration is much wider and sort of sparkly. I do lots of Quick Switches and it clears up any little annoyances. Another real positive is that I’ve had a bunch of visitors lately and I’ve really looked forward to them coming, and I’ve enjoyed the visits.

I was a bit worried when I had one bad headache early after The Switch but since then nothing. Only once in 5 weeks is pretty good. Fingers crossed this is going to remain good and I jump up and Switch if I feel a twinge or even think about it. Same with my back – just a bit sore in morning but it comes right with a Switch and a walk around my house. When I feel something in my back I try to see if anything negative is happening and often it is and then I Switch for positive thinking and trust. These pains are now under MY control and I’ll keep Switching them.
I feel my new clear head is sorting things out. It’s like a catalyst. Maybe the sparkly head is the new positive neural pathways forming.

(Note – This client requested that we use the name ‘Stephanie’ to share her story)

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