Comments about The Switch, and Mel as a trainer

The Switch was excellent, and working in a small group was particularly good. It’s really helpful seeing others working on issues, their successes and even seeing that sometimes there will be hiccups….we are not the only one. It’s wonderful rejoicing in other’s victories and so touching with some issues that have been overcome. I loved the fun parts, how The Switch was presented… the illustrations and the games we did. It was good how Mel “pulled us up” and got us to change how we said things. Not so enjoyable (hee hee) but ESSENTIAL to get us thinking and talking in a more positive way.

Mel is so encouraging, and is absolute proof that it works. I like how she has structured the course. The integration day in between Day 2 and 3 was good, and I also appreciated her offer of an extra 1-1 appointment on the integration day. It was particularly valuable to me. The personal stories she uses as illustrations are great (For example, Darcy the dog). I also appreciated her telling us a bit about the huge amount of work that she has put into the switch behind the scenes. She has invested an enormous amount of her time, energy and planning into it. It was interesting her telling us about the cartoons and her own input into them and what she wanted to convey. She is great!


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