Abby had CRPS so badly that she had to wear a glove over her hand and could not even turn pages in a book. She achieved this first goal on the evening of Day 1, and on Day 3, she went ROCK CLIMBING!  No pain! Here is her remarkable story…

Just wanted to update you on Abby since our return to Australia a week ago.
Were there a few bumps in the road as she integrated to her daily life? Absolutely.
Did Abby let that halt her progression?
Absolutely not.
Abby’s experience of pain is almost non existent, and those little pop ups are rapidly handled. But as you would understand there’s far more than the absence of pain that makes the young woman!
Since our return, Abby has been back to the gym, increasing significantly the resistance and weights being used, as suddenly they were far too easy/light. She’s carrying things, opening doors without a thought, washing her hair with ease, opening jars without struggle, not to mention an enormous increase in her sleep quality. She plays with the dogs and cats with confidence, even being scratched by a very excited dog on her previously troubled hand, and it felt no different that it would have on her other hand.
Her general confidence is up, she’s spending more time with the whole family, her overwhelm is reducing, as is her anxiety. She even gives and receives hugs! In addition, Abby is fully off one medication, and another is reduced by a third thus far – a weaning progress that was disastrously unsuccessful just a couple of months ago leading to opioids in hospital.
It is no understatement to describe her week with you as life changing, and she (as am I) is confident that we’ve only just begun to see her potential as she continues to Switch.
Thank you for all that you do, and for giving me a daughter with a future that is bright, powerful, and strong.

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