From shower seat to half-marathon!

Anneke’s fatigue was so bad that she was bedbound and had to use a seat in the shower. The day after The Switch, she went on a ceremonial trip to the dump to get rid of her shower seat. Click here to watch a movie of this fantastic moment.

In the next few months, Anneke went from strength to strength and ran a half marathon!

I’ve been looking forward to today for so long because it’s officially one month since the course and I can say it’s pretty much one month that I’ve been well!! I’m going out for dinner tonight with my best friend to celebrate.

Only a day or two after the course I could confidently say my fatigue is gone. I’ve thrown away my shower seat. Since then I’ve been active and doing things all day. I have been exercising once, if not twice, a day and I absolutely love it. When I was sick I was always too exhausted to even force myself to exercise but now I wake up in the morning and get straight out of bed excited about exercising. I’m training for the half-marathon with mum. I have applied to many summer jobs and the majority of them are working with customers and in sales which I previously would not have had the confidence to do.

Four month update:

I’ve just completed Challenge Wanaka! 21km! AMAZING!!!

I just want to thank you so much for everything!

You’ve completely changed my life!

I have so many positive thoughts and ideas for the future.


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