A Christian perspective

I had a wonderful experience doing the course. It’s an effective combination of brain science, inspiring stories, self-coaching, imagination, practical steps, supportive people & hope used to redirect unhelpful thinking patterns that get in the way of living the life we love. I really enjoyed seeing exciting change in myself and the other lovely people in our group.

Most significantly, God used the course to give me hope and proof that I can be happy and well. Now I anticipate the future with calm confidence and joyful expectation that God will indeed continue to care for me and give me all I need to be perfectly satisfied in Him and all that He gives.

My positive changes:

I’ve had more physical strength – I walked 75 minutes to work for my friend for three hours and felt fine, I’ve enjoyed playing tiggy with my sister and her friends after Church, and I’ve been on a 40 minute (return) bike ride with my sisters. All that I would have been afraid of, but now I had fun and I did not have post-exertion fatigue.

I am not fearful about making bad decisions and doing tired anymore. This freedom from fear is such a blessing!

I am not held back by mental fatigue (or fear of it) any more. I have not needed my usual 10 hours of sleep and I have been happier that I was before.”

[Note: The Switch is suitable for any religion and for non-religious people. It has no direct religious teaching, but also nothing that contradicts religious beliefs. Nuns and Reverands have been very positive about the course!]


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