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A year ago, Gael developed fatigue problems so badly that she was falling asleep at work and became unable to exercise. She was diagnosed with CFS.

“I still marvel at the fact that I am well! Then I marvel at how wonderful it feels to be well!

When I was first diagnosed with CFS, I responded with “this is not me and this will not be my life”. When my homeopath suggested I google Empower Therapies I instantly knew I had found the tool I needed to be well on all levels. I believed then I had my answer and I told people I am going to be well soon. I never stopped believing. It is so true.

I am well, I have energy, I laugh a lot and I am so happy.

The first weekend post course I rang my mum mid afternoon and said GUESS WHAT? I AM BUSY, WORKING HARD AND LOVING IT. I mowed the lawns with a big grin on my face the entire time – it was just so exciting to have the energy to do the lawn- it was easy and I was left with yet more energy afterwards.

I am back walking my dogs, and walked 5 kms the other day. We walk most mornings before I head off to work, and I even did an 8km+ bike ride at the weekend just for the pleasure of being on my bike again!

Over a week ago my boss told me it’s like I’ve done a 360 degree turn- I am so different. My husband’s response to that really made me laugh – he said ‘Don’t I know it. I had to tell her to be quiet and be tired for awhile just so I can catch up with her!”. We had date night last night and it’s neat to be going out just for fun.

Now, I know that what ever comes my way I am equipped to deal with it. I feel alive and what a rush that feeling is!


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