Poem from a happy husband

Wilma had CFS so badly that she had to use wheelchairs to get through airports. Her delightful husband has written this adorable thank-you poem to me and offered to share it with you all.


In this age of Iphone and high tech
We seem too busy to even take breath
To sometimes stop and say
Thank you… you’ve made my day

And so these words to you I pen
To you dear Mel, your such a gem
My Wilma is well, oh such a delight
The past 6 years have given flight

To a dark place now longgg gone
Wilma’s no duckling now, but a beautiful swan
It’s all looking good Mel that’s down to you
Our life is complete, that’s just so true

So On Sunday the 2nd March two zero one four
We went to a concert and danced on the floor
The glint in Wilma’s eyes was a sight to behold
She gave me a kiss, my word sooo bold

Lionel Richie outdoors concert here in Perth
That night felt like no other place on earth
We danced till midnight under the stars
I truly felt we had landed on mars

The changes are simply amazing to see
I even feel like going on one knee
And proposing to Wilma once again
So happy together we will always remain

And so I will end this verse by simply saying

Sometimes…… it just feels so right to stop and say

Simply Thank You


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