Resolving grief with The Switch

Lawrence lost his 15yo son to illness and said he has felt no meaning in life for a decade since. He was so pleased to find joy in life again after attending The Switch.

Day 2 of The Switch
Yesterday, I could barely introduce myself because I was so close to tears. Today I can hardly contain myself cos I’m so excited!
I feel like I stepped into a cinema to see life – I’m able to see things so much clearer.
And I slept so well! I didn’t wake at the usual time.

3 months after The Switch
The most notable positive change has been where I would once catastrophise I now find myself laughing. This hasn’t been a deliberate switch but seems to have come about as a result of the switches along the way. I still miss my boy, but it’s not crippling anymore. I am definitely a much happier person now, have loads more energy and find myself looking forward to the day and life in general – with lots of laughter along the way. Life is much better now ?

Life was like being at the rivers edge, I was watching it pass by, now I’m in the river and enjoying being caught up in the flow.

Thanks Mel, I really appreciate you doing what you do


6 months after The Switch

March is usually a terrible time for me because that’s when Jacob died. This March was the first time that I have felt genuinely happy since his passing. I had thought it was impossible to heal, but because of The Switch, I am now so free!  I’ve realised I never lost Jacob.  He lives on in my memory, and in my mannerisms and ways that I learnt from him.  I feel like he is still there, setting up my future for me and helping me.  I was even able to support a man through his own dying process, and realised that I have learnt so much and had so much to offer.

We are like grapevines – you initially have to tape the vine through the fence to hold it up and shape it, but then it grows strong and supports itself. I have become that strong grapevine.

I used to feel so desperate and I tried everything to make myself feel better, but nothing worked.  Now I am genuinely free and happy!  Thanks so much!

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