Sensory overload no more…

I came to the switch through a bit of a different pathway with a hearing related issue.
After getting hearing aids in my early 30’s for a life long hearing impairment I started experiencing a set of seemingly unrelated symptoms that gradually worsened over the next 6 years.
After no success with doctors, a physiotherapist familiar with the condition and symptoms diagnosed sensory overload. My audiologist mentioned that sensory overload is quite a common occurrence when people start using hearing aids later in life. It was useful knowing what was happening and why, however I was told by medical professionals and audiologists that there was nothing that could be done and that I should get used to living with the symptoms.
I’ve always been of the mindset that the body and mind’s state is not fixed so I kept looking for information. I did find a couple of approaches that were slowly making a difference then I was recommended to try the switch. Best decision I could have made. I walked away after 4 days reset and galvanised to use this set of tools to approach my life in a completely different way.
I have been a yoga and functional movement teacher for 17 years and after doing the switch I have often described it to people as some of the parts of the yoga practice at warp speed. It can be challenging out the other side of the switch with all the changes we experience to find practitioners aligned with or supportive of the approach we learn within the program.
If you would like to connect with a practitioner who has long term professional experience with teaching meditation, breathing, or any functional movement / yoga practices and has a personal journey and familiarity with the switch method; do take a look at my website and get in contact if you would like to take further action:
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