Learning Switch online resolves 20 years of concussion symptoms!

Lee had such a bad head injury 21 years ago that she suffered hypoxic damage (lack of oxygen) in her brain and has had fatigue and memory issues ever since.

On her application form she says “Prior to the accident I was a doctor. I have tried to return to medicine but clearly can’t. I had neuropsychological assessments a few times over the years which had highlighted my poor short-term memory as well as my inability to carry out complex tasks or retain important information. I fatigue easily which exacerbates this.”


Lee attended The Switch online via zoom. Read her exceptional story here!

Day 1:

I had a really good night!

Instead of the usual nap, went for an hour bike ride with husband – really good to be out and using body and energy and still having energy


One week later:

Here are some details of the Mountainbike trail Carl and I did on Sunday-Monday.

Timber trail from Pureora to Ongarue- length: 85km over 2 days; Mountain bike grade: 2-3 (Intermediate); highest point: 940m above sea level; total climb: 420m

We had done the same trail coming up 20 months ago.  Back then Carl had to coax me most of the way and we had frequent stops and rests.  This time I found it so much easier without long stops apart from lunch, and I even passed a few women who were younger than me.  None passed me!

I even had energy to socialise in the evenings. I’ve had no afternoon naps since the course, after 20 years of daily napping.


One month later:

Really good month!

No rests during the day

Drove to whangaparoa to see friend in afternoon and stayed for dinner, and drove home

Lots of biking

Caught up with lots of friends – lunches, afternoon teas

Mountain biking as a family for a weekend

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