“I kicked my wheelchair out the door!”

On her Switch application form, Rachel wrote:
“On Christmas Day 2009, I passed out and was taken to A&E and then started to develop more symptoms. I have recurrent fainting episodes, have had multiple concussions, chronic pain and fatigue. I have been diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia (POTS) as well as endometriosis. I have had lots of previous symptoms that medical professionals have not been able to explain, such as loss of sight (in 2015), and losing the use of my legs (in 2010). I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia and functional neurological disorder a couple of months ago.”

Here is her story since attending The Switch:

There’s been a lot of positive changes for me in the last 2 weeks, including kicking my wheelchair out the door the moment I got home. My Mum got rid of it so swiftly I didn’t even see it disappear! Everyday has been full of energy, fun and new lessons to learn from. I’ve been swimming in the ocean for hours at a time without feeling tired and then lying in the sunshine and eating ice cream. I’ve spent quality time with my 8 year old brother who’s only ever known me as an unwell person, who now is constantly reminding everyone that I am well and can do anything I want. I even went to a wedding with my boyfriend and we were the last ones on the dance floor! I’m going back to study next year and planning on making use of the degree I already have and doing freelance graphic design work on the side which is really exciting!

Its safe to say I’m living my best life and am so excited for more positive things to happen in the future!

Thanks Mel and The Switch for changing my life, you’re amazing!

Lots and lots of love

Rachel xxx
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