300th client attends The Switch!

Kerry attended The Switch for Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, a hereditary form of peripheral neuropathy.  He wrote on his application form “I can no longer walk properly, walk for any distance, jog or run, play as I would like to with my grandchildren, enjoy any activities that have a walking element, I used to do Ceroc dancing but cannot anymore and I have significant balance issues, particularly in the dark”.

This is a condition I had not seen before, and we discussed that it may be more challenging, due to its hereditary nature. However, Kerry reports some nice improvements!

[Two weeks after The Switch]

I’ve just come back from a week in tropical North Queensland, staying in Cairns and travelling up the coast to Port Douglas and various beaches on the way.  We had a fantastic time with another couple joining us, highlighted by fantastic weather, snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef and lots of walking around.  The walking distance was significant and I would not have contemplated doing so much, if not for the Switch.  I have remained positive throughout the period since the Switch, not just about my leg issues, but life in general, and feel so much better for it.

[One month after The Switch]

Progress is slow but there is definitely progress and more confidence in my ability to walk and tackle the stairs.  Our Mayor commented to me on Friday that it was the first time she’d seen me walk down the middle of the stairway without holding the rail for years.  So, that sort of comment is very encouraging to me.

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