78 year old throws away her walking stick!

After 2 years of unexplained dizziness following a concussion, Ruth’s life had become very restricted and she was using a walking stick to retain her balance. Her GP suggested she explore Empower Therapies, and put her in touch with one of his patients who had recently completed The Switch. Following enrolment and completion of all the pre-course preparation, she was raring to go!

Day 2 of the course I stopped using the walking stick.

In the past 2 weeks at home I have rejoined my Walking Group as I now walk in a straight line, been able to stay in shops for longer, driven the car 45 minutes and been stable on alighting, weeded the garden for up to an hour, and played 2 games of table tennis. The dizziness is under control.

Still heaps to work on but the BEST part is I feel like ME again and have heaps more energy. Family and friends are thrilled to have the person they once knew and have welcomed me back.

Ruth aged 78
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