Insomnia solved! And so many other benefits

This client wrote on her application form:

“The insomnia really restricts my life. It affects what I eat, how much and what type of exercise I do, how many commitments I make, and how much I work. I focus on it way more than I should, reading books about it, trialling different supplements/essential oils/diets/sleep hygiene methods/etc.  Following bad nights (< 3  hours sleep), I am irritable and struggle to care for my boys.  I don’t want them to remember me as irritable and angry, when it was the sleep deprivation talking.  It has become a financial burden as well, with visits to a private doctor to address underlying physiological causes, supplements, sauna/massage visits, restrictive diets, etc”

Here are her comments after The Switch:

Dramatic improvements! I made many improvements straight away and have had periods where the insomnia completely went away. I discovered that the major hurdle to the insomnia was trust – trust that everything would be okay but more importantly trust in myself – not being able to trust my body or my mind. That deep core switch was so liberating. Outside of insomnia, I have seen many other dramatic improvements. I no longer do people pleasing, guilt, stress when driving, overthinking, stress about not getting enough sleep or sleeping in a different location, perfection, being particularly hard on myself and catastrophising. I know that I am valuable, loved, intelligent and a good mum. I recognise negative thought patterns and stop myself. I used to take sleeping pills everyday. Now I am not even sure when I had my last one!

I now realise that I have the power within myself to heal myself. It has been a wild journey. I am actually grateful that I had such awful insomnia for so long as it took that for me to start finding solutions, which helped me heal in far many more ways than I could have ever imagined.

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