Alex resolved binge eating, anxiety and insomnia!

Here is a really delightful movie from Alex, showing her HUGE improvements each day at The Switch.

A year after her course, she adds in this update:

I have had massive changes this year, and it’s all thanks to The switch!

I did lots of Switches to realign my life with my values and passions. I’ve landed my dream job and I truly feel like I am living my passion each day!

Biggest change for me… I used to struggle so much with my relationship with food – and myself!! I feel like a completely different person, all of my negative behaviours and thoughts around food have COMPLETELY gone.

I’ve had the courage to travel the world on my own, realign with my core state and values and have fun while doing so and challenging myself!!

THANK YOU. I truly feel blessed to have found The Switch at the time that I did. X

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