Goodbye to 35 pills per week!

The Switch was life-changing.

I had been diagnosed with chronic pain, chronic indigestion and just prescribed pills and more pills. I have been taking pills for years and years and felt like I was just someone with bad health. I was searching for a way to get off the pills and solve the causes and The Switch did that for me. I am still working on certain things, but now I have tools that work and that is huge!

Insomnia is completely gone. No meds needed. I sleep so well now!

Indigestion is almost completely gone. No daily meds needed. Can control without medication by watching what I eat and avoiding eating late at night.

Stress and anxiety are a lot less, and I now have tools to use to get out of bad patterns.

I take less medications now because I have not needed the daily stomach (2), bowel (2), and insomnia tablets (1) that I was prescribed for long-term use. That’s 35 pills a week I don’t need. (Now I only take one a day, which is unrelated to all the above.)

I can see patterns between my stress and symptoms, so I can now address the stress with effective tools from The Switch rather than throwing pills at the symptoms. I have way less symptoms already! I feel more positive about my health and ability to recover from past health issues and any new obstacles in life or health that crop up.

I feel lighter now that I have cleared some beliefs from the past and figured out some reasons for stress and anxiety.

I feel calmer in general and I have more focus.

I would recommend it to anyone who feels like nothing works or is told “you just have to live with this” about pain or mood or symptoms.
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