16 year old resolves chronic fatigue syndrome and irritable bowel

Sarah has missed so much school and sport for four years, since she developed chronic fatigue syndrome, food intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome and insomnia. She ranked her health as 4/10 when she came to me and was really sick of missing out on life. Here are her comments just one month after The Switch:

I have completely returned to being healthy and energetic!
I haven’t even thought about doing fatigue since I left the course!

I’m finding school fun and interesting, and it is no longer a struggle to get through the day. I have been catching up with my friends every weekend, and a few of my friends and I have organised a tramp for later this term. My best friend and I are going to Samoa for a bike tour in the holidays and we have been training for that twice a week!! We’ve also both started going to the gym again two mornings a week. I am surprising myself with the amount of energy I have – after an early morning going to the gym or swimming, a day of school, hanging out with friends, finishing my homework and walking the dog I still have lots of energy. I’m also taking up a lot of opportunities through school – I’ve joined a few committees and clubs and I’m doing some extension work in each of my classes. Overall, I have a much more positive attitude and am enjoying life a lot more. I’ve also been able to enjoy having time to myself without feeling guilty, and I’ve been going through at least one book a week! My sleep has improved – although I’ve been going to bed much later than I used to, I usually get to sleep quickly.

Thank you for everything!
(Note: Name changed at client’s request)
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