Comments about Mel as a trainer

All my clients fill in feedback forms at 2 months and 1 year after doing Lightning Process. You can view the results on my Statistics Page.

Here are some of the comments that my clients have made about me as a Trainer:

“So positive & happy to be around. Shes infectious. A fantastic trainer.”

“Awesome Lady! Very supportive and encouraging. As Mel has been where I have been, I trust her completely.”

“Mel is great. She shows a lot of understanding and empathy, but doesn’t accept any excuses. She pushes you to find your own solutions, but helps when you are stuck – a really good balance. It helps knowing that she has had CFS and done the process as well, and knows what we are going through. She was very easy to relate to.”

“She was and is so amazing she should get a medal.”

“Mel presented the course in a fun and interesting way. I also felt that she was extremely discerning and could read people and their situations very well. Thanks Mel!”

“Mel was a fabulous trainer, very thorough and encouraging and the follow up phone calls and emails have been invaluable. I loved the way you were so positive, it helped me to focus.”

“Mel is such a positive, approachable person and she really knows her stuff! The follow up conversations have also been immensely helpful.”

“She was great. She understood what we were going through and knew how to push us so we got better. She believed in us and was always positive.”


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