Staying well with techniques from the intro seminar

This lady gave some wonderful feedback about my intro seminar and how it taught her actual techniques to maintain wellness in her life…

I want people to know that a cure can occur in an instant, like a lightning strike, as if a switch had clicked!

Before Mel’s intro seminar, I had read the intro to the Lightning process, about 12 months previously. I experienced a sudden massive relief. However I did not learn any maintenance techniques and had relapsed.

Mel speaks beautifully, has undoubted empathy and is strong.

Her introductory seminar discusses a range of conditions so may seem all too brief but crucially introduced me to daily practice and techniques for maintaining health. I accepted her challenge to stay well, for good. The following morning, I awoke with positive thoughts crowding in. I cannot remember when that last happened.

You’re doing a major public service Mel!

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