From hospitalised to full time work with an intro seminar!

This man’s story is an amazing testimony to the power of two hours of education about mind and body. He was so ill that he was hospitalised with exhaustion, and yet he got so much out of the intro seminar that he won’t even need to come to the full four day programme anymore…

“My body shut down from stress and exhaustion and I ended up in hospital for some time and then went on to have 9 months off work. I couldn’t walk to my letter box and now I’m doing 10km walks a day and losing weight and changing my outlook on life. I’m going back to work full time in early January.

Through your recommendations from the 2-hour intro seminar, which both my wife and I use every day, and following the information in your emails, I have improved 98% and am a totally different person from the beginning of the year. I won’t need the 4-day course and would like you to take my name off the list and let someone else take my place. Both my wife and I would like to thank you for what you have achieved in getting me back to work and making me a better and happier person.

We are telling everyone about Empower Therapies and using me as an example of what can be achieved if you put your mind to it!”

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