All better from an intro seminar! No need for The Switch!

It’s always exciting to me when clients can manage to fix long term health problems just from attending my two hour intro seminar! While the statistics are obviously lower than the outcomes of people who attend the full four day programme, there are some fabulous stories like this girl, who totally sorted her illness just from the intro seminar…

Dear Mel

I’m just writing to you to let you know that after a lot of deliberation I will not be attending the Switch four day course. I attended your seminar in October and since then I have only been making progress in my journey to health. With the help of the tools I was able to learn and observe at your seminar and with the support emails in the weeks following, I have been able to gain a lot of my quality of life back and can finally see that Complex Regional Pain Syndrome will not take over my life, if I don’t let it.
I came to your course as quite a hopeless young woman, who is living away from home with a chronic pain injury, taking an abundance of pain killers each day. Now, I have been able to cut the pain killers down dramatically and am continuing to do so until the point I do not need them anymore. The first thing I did after the intro Seminar was come home and make a mood board for my wall, and looking at it every day has been great at putting things in perspective, I had found that I had forgotten about my dreams and goals prior to my injury and just having these there allowed me to shift from only thinking about goals within my chronic pain, to thinking about my life goals.
I am able to focus on the New Year now and getting myself back to full health, my illness caused me to lose my job but I am able to see that with the progress I have made and the tools I have from your seminar, ACC and pain management courses, I am in control of this and have the strength and drive to get back into the workforce in the early months of next year.
I want to thank you very much, Mel, for the course that you are behind, it’s such a good seminar and I’m so very glad I attended.

Kind regards,

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