Huge positivity about Webinar Series

The Empower Therapies webinar series includes:

FREE 45 minute webinar – First Steps to Recovery

Paid two hour webinar – Next Steps to Recovery


Read wonderful comments from people about how much they have enjoyed the webinars

and how much benefit they have got in just the first few days after attending!

“I watched the Next Steps five times and got more out of it every time!  It was amazing!  The first time I took heaps of notes. The second time, I just watched it, and probably enjoyed it more cos I was just engaged and watching. The next three times, more things stood out to me. You’re also really funny. I laughed lots of times. I loved your Darcy the dog story.  I’ve been practising all the techniques since then, and it’s really helping!”

“The Next Steps was mind-blowing!  Oh my gosh! I can’t thank you enough!”

“The Webinar yesterday was fantastic thank you.  I was inspired by it, have done my focus charts and started the exercises.
This morning I did the gratitude exercise on waking and found it so much easier to get out of bed, I’m really looking forward to progressing in the next few weeks. Thank you very much!”

“Just a quick email to say thanks for the fantastic webinar I watched last night. I feel great, even the people at work commented on how happy and bouncy I was this morning!”
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