Pain-free sex!

A client who wishes to remain anonymous came to me because sex had become so painful that she and her partner didn’t have it at all anymore.  Here is her story…

After feeling like sex would always be difficult for me I was able to create a calm mind and body. No more body tensing, anxious fidgeting or vulva stinging. I was able to successfully touch my own body, I was able to experience partnered touch, including new types of touch that felt very intimidating before the switch. And soon enough I was having sex again, this time without worry or discomfort. I feel connected to my body and my body is completely demystified. I can be present and have fun!


I have completely left the despair zone that I was in before doing the course and feel prepared for the rest of life. And have since navigated whatever I am facing with a trust that I can help myself and knowing that I have the tools to do so. I came to the course to fix my relationship with sex and my vagina, but I gained so much more. I feel resourceful and have a clear sense of keeping life simple. Most importantly I have gained a trusting and caring relationship with myself – I’ve done the work and I can help myself.


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