Introducing your new daughter…

Shelley had CFS, depression and anxiety for 9 years, following glandular fever.  Two weeks after her cours, she wrote a letter to her parents to introduce them to their new daughter. She has kindly agreed to share her letter.

Dear Mum and Dad,

Hello, my name is Shelley. I know we have not met before but let me introduce you to your daughter… 

I am a really lovable, energetic and happy young woman who takes pride in my successes.

I smile a lot and really love the small things in life. I especially love dancing, playing sport, travelling and socialising. I have some wonderful friends and I really enjoy their company. I create time each day to do something that I love. Every morning I wake up thankful for yesterday and grateful for today.

I once knew a girl, who I believe you may have known also. She did a lot of tiredness, anxiety and tears. I did not like her very much and did not enjoy her company. Therefore I have chosen to no longer associate with this girl. I realise she was a reasonably large part of your life but I would appreciate if you could also do the same. I understand this may be hard for you at first but it would make me very happy if you could do this for me… I guarantee you will not miss her! This girl once owned a teddy which was very dear to her, she held it close when she did exhausted, hopeless and lonely. She no longer needs teddy and neither do I. Please place him in my room (not on my bed) and when you see him, smile and think of me and all the exciting things I am doing. 

Life is wonderful and exciting. I cannot wait for tomorrow.. there is so much I have planned.

I hope you are both well and enjoying life as much as me. I am really looking forward to meeting you!

Lots of Love,
Shellz xox

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